Thursday, May 18, 2017

Preparation for a Week in Seoul

i believe some of us really wanna bring everything in your room to wherever you go but in the reality, you cannot do that, so you need some preparation to be prepare where ever you are.

this was my first time went to Seoul but since i love to watch K-Drama and Korean vloggers, i feel like i know which places that are the Korea main destination but the problem is i don't know how to get there, so i went on preparation like i usually did in any of my travel, they are:

1. write an itinerary
on any of my trip, whether is far or not, whether is long trip or not, i usually always write an itinerary. it include: time and date, destination, how to get there and expenses may come and for myself, i need to include what to wear.

for this trip, i write most of main destination in Seoul but to fill in the "how to get there" and "expenses" part i need to do the second preparation, which is internet browsing.

2. internet browsing
to fill the blank spot in my itinerary, i usually check out the tourism website of my destination country.

in Korea there is Visit Korea website. i checked the weather when i got to Seoul use this web and if the website didn't provide in how to get there, i usually checked out several travel blog.
and from this activity, i know about some useful apps and i got discount for my tickets to Everland and also i come across to the discount information to wifi egg rental special for Garuda Indonesia passengers.

wifi egg is a device that provide wifi throughout your trip in Korea. in Indonesia we called wifi modem 

3. download useful apps
from the activity number 2, i know that Korea has many lines in their subway system, that is why a blog recommended to downloaded the Korea Subway app to help me in to get to the destination in my itinerary.
the apps told us how many hours our trip from our guesthouse to our destination, it also told us which line we should took and how many transfer we need to made.
but the most important is the apps in English :)

and i also downloaded Seoul Pass because it provided discount tickets to many tourist attractions in Seoul. from this app we got our discount tickets for Everland.

4. plan the outfit
from the activity number 2, i can tell that Seoul still in freezing weather, so i plan my outfit full of cardigan and layering inside and also to plan your outfit for a trip avoided you to over bring your outfit and you don't have room for souvenirs in the end of your trip.

to know how to minimize your luggage but still useful you can check my post on to create capsule wardrobe here 

so, that was all i do in repeat until i sure what to do in Seoul. Happy Holiday!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Seoul Diary | Day 7

Wednesday, April 26th 2017

it was our last full day in Seoul but we weren't able to N Seoul Tower yet. so, our destination for today was N Seoul Tower.

from Hongik University Station we bound for Euljiro Sam-ga Station and transferred to Line 3 to Chungmuro Station and took exit 2.
from the exit 2, we walked straight for almost 2 minutes and turn left on the first big intersection, walked for another minute and we were saw a big sign of N Seoul Tower. but it wasn't the real N Seoul Tower, it was just the cable car station to get to there.

there was a diagonal lift to the station and it was another "wow" moment for me :)
to ride the cable car, we need to pay for 8.000 won for return ride.

ride the cable car, made me thinking about Boys Before Flower where the lead actors spend the night at this ride.

at the cable car station, we didn't yet saw the love lock. we still need to climbed the stairs but still bearable.
after climbed the stairs, we saw a platform in which they performed a cultural show. it was amazing to saw the performers in hanbok and used swords.

walked across the stage, we saw the famous love locks and 'broken' bench.

outfit: Shofiyyah hijab; Unbranded tee and vest; Unbranded aztec skirt; Monologue red cardigan; wakai red slip-on

but fear not, N Seoul Tower not only love locks but there are also observatory deck and Teddy Bear museum but we chose not to enter both of it because to enter it we need to paid another 8.000 won.

happy saw all the love locks and love messages, we headed to Dongdaemun Design Plaza because we need to bought another souvenirs and they said, Arirang store in Migliore Mall had Korean souvenirs in cheaper price than in Insadong.

from Chungmuro Station was 1 station to Dongdaemun Design Plaza. off at Dongdaemun History Culture and Park station exit 8, we crossed the street and there were Migliore Mall.
arirang store is in 6th floor and the best thing is the part-timer in the shop is an Indonesian.
so, we can talk easily to bargain the price.

and that was it our last day in Seoul. after went to arirang store, we headed home because it was already dark and we didn't yet had our dinner.

Thursday, April 27th 2017

our very last day in Seoul.
on 7 am we headed to Incheon International Airport by subway and a hour letter we arrived and ready to restore the wifi egg and found the tax refund booth.
after our quest done, all we need was just got our boarding pass. next was get queue in the immigration.
the immigration queue was the longest time consumed in the entire process we need to got through in the Incheon International Airport.

after immigration, we realized that we didn't had our breakfast yet so, in the Duty Free Shop we looked for bakery shop. and it was our free time before we can board the aircraft.

and that was all of our days in Seoul. it was fun and Seoul has it own charm that bewitching me to come back soon.
but Seoul not only good. there are many times that people stared at us, maybe because our face didn't scream Korean face and also maybe two of us wear hijab and maybe they didn't really appreciate Asian foreigner. MAYBE.
and also the street not so clear. there were many litter in the street, such as cigarette butt.
but still, i already bewitched by the Korean charm.

hope my Seoul Diary can help you travel around Seoul :)

Friday, May 12, 2017

Seoul Diary | Day 6

Tuesday, April 25th 2017

it was time to play at Everland!
i saw Everland many times in Running Man and now i have the chance to saw it with my own eyes!
outfit: Shofiyyah square; Monologue blue shirt; Lee Cooper ripped jeans; Wakai red slip-on

because we knew that our journey to Everland would be so long, so we ready to go at 9 a.m
when i looked to the Korea Subway apps (i'll explain about this on another post), it said that we have to transit 5 times :( and for the first time, 1 chose not to trust this apps.
so we asked the nearest store clerk about how can we go to Everland.

and she said from Hongik University Station we had to transit at Wangsimni Station and then transit to Bundang Line, got off on Giheung Station and transit to Yongin-Everline line and got off on Jeondae Everland Station. the train that we board at Yongin-Everline was another unmanned train that once again made me in awe with Korea.
from the station, we looked for shuttle bus stop that took us right to Everland entrance.

we were pre-booked our tickets, so we can avoid the queue.
it almost noon when we arrived in Everland but it was so gloomy.
i heard Everland which is combination between amusement park and safari, was better than Lotte World but it was nothing compare to Universal Studio Singapore.

Everland more specific for children because the rides was too soft and the most hideous ride was T-Express, the steepest roller coaster in the world.
so, for me who stand in the middle between soft and hideous found only few rides that excites me.

but one thing i remembered the most was because it was spring, there are many flowers and it smells so nice.
before we could find any rides to ride on, first we had our lunch. to saves some money, we brought our lunch and ate them in the park, like a picnic. it was nice :)

our first mission was to looked for the Haunted Mansion ride (don't forget to grabbed Everland Map on your way in). at first i was hesitant to go inside because i thought it was like some kinda ghost will scare you but i was wrong. it was a good ride with a moving vehicle and a laser gun to shoot at the ghost. more like Istana Boneka in Dunia Fantasi Jakarta but picture the cute looking doll in monster kinda look.

when we got out from that ride, we saw a Prayer Room.
and after we did our prayer we headed to T-Express, the steepest roller coaster. its not me who ride that rides, i was just a good bag attendant :)

and after just a few rides, we continue our walked to the safari part.
you'll see the safari part more in my video on my next post.

and it was 6 p.m when the weather dropped until i couldn't feel my hand and we decided to go home in the same way we reached Everland.

tomorrow will be our last full day in Seoul but we didn't yet go to N Seoul Tower. so there we go.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Seoul Diary | Day 5

Monday, April 24th 2017

it was Monday means we were went to Nami Island. Yay!!
here it comes the tricky part because we had to transit and wait for a shuttle bus and crossed the Han River to got to Nami Island.

from Hongik University Station we took Gyeongui-Jugang line, took train to Sogang University Station and off at Sangbong Station and then transit to Gyeong-Chun line, took train to Mangu Station and off at Gapyeong Station. but we were not at Nami Island yet.
we need to took a shuttle bus (that won't depart until it full house, like literally because we were standing, all the way from Gapyeong Station to Gapyeong Wharf) which we need to pay for 3.000 won each person. this bus can took us around without further paid, just keep your ticket and show it to the driver when you ride with the bus.

after the bus arrived at Gapyeong Wharf, we need to crossed the Han River.
at this point, we can chose to crossed the river with zip ware (for this you need to pay around 10.000 won per person) or using ferry (for this you need to pay 8.000 won per person). again, we chose the latter.
before boarded the ferry, but first took selfie with the cherry blossom

i wasn't expect this much of person at Nami Island, moreover on a weekday.
but since we were here, all can we did was enjoy the Nami Island.
Nami Island started its own stardom since Winter Sonata which a drama i didn't watched and didn't plan to. there are many spots that marked that drama on this island, like the spot where they had their first kissed, spot where you can took picture with the drama poster and the drama lead actors statue. everything about this island is screaming winter sonata.

but this island also special to Muslim travelers, since on this island we can easily find halal restaurant and mosque.
the most picturesque spot was rows of trees as far as you can see, i bet this perspective will be even greater on fall.

feel satisfied with Nami Island, we continue our trip to Petite France.
with the same bus as before we ride to Petite France, but before the bus arrived we were waited for the bus almost an hour. so, my tips for you is to captured the bus time arrival and make sure to be there at the bus stop, so that you won't wait too long.

to go inside to Petite France, you need to pay another 8.000 won.
but we chose not to went inside Petite France because as like i saw on Running Man and K-Drama My Love From The Stars, Petite France is more like model house in the France and the most reason that made us didn't went into Petite France was the number of stairs we need to climbed inside this location :(

and Petite France was the last stop of the day. knew that our way home was took 2 hours, so at 5 p.m we headed to Hongik University Station.
but there was a kinda creepy story on our back home.
at Gapyeong Station when we waited our train to Sangbong, there was a old woman that approached me and asked which train to sangbong (she asked in Korean). she was asked in kinda screaming tone and she was kinda drunk because after she talked to me, she talked by herself. and she sat on the bench next to my friend, she said that old woman was smell sour.
when the train come, the old lady looked me and screamed "Sangbong". i thought she was tried to told me that, that train bound for Sangbong. and we all boarded the train.

and after we on the train bound to Sinchon Station (because we need to go to Hyundai Department Store to bought ginseng extract. Sinchon Station was in the same line with Hongdae Station), after transit to Gyeongui-Jugang line, there was a young boy who sat on the floor of the train and in front of him there were a cup and a bottle (i didn't what inside the bottle and the cup). he sat there, talked by himself (again) but everybody tried to avoid him.

so, what my friend told me before i went to Seoul was true. he said i need to be careful in Seoul because there were many people in Seoul like to drink and when they drunk, they drunk in any places and any time.

so, yeah. that was my 5th day in Seoul. tomorrow we headed out to Everland. Yay!! 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Seoul Diary | Day 4

Sunday, April 23rd 2017

it was sunny Sunday and one of my friend wanted to go to church. so, we go to Yoido Full Gospel Church. she said there was a service at 11 a.m but we got off the room at 10 a.m so, she said she would be on the 1 p.m service.

from Hongik University station we took train towards Hapjeong and got off at Dangsan, transit here and took line 9 to National Assembly Station exit 1. at the left from the exit gate, we were saw the Korean National Assembly but to the Yoido Full Gospel Curch we were walked straight for about 5 minutes and at the end of the street we saw a grand building with a cross at front
outfit: Unbranded black square; Unbranded tee; Gift red jacket; Lee Cooper ripped jeans; Nikicio black legging inside the jeans; Lacoste red tote bag; Wakai red shoes

before she went inside the church, we were hanging around at the nearest cafe. at the time she need to attended the service, me and my other friend went to explore Yeouido because it was near to the Han River and in Yeouido there are many cherry blossom trees but unfortunately at the time we arrived in Seoul, the cherry blossoms starts to fallen off. how sad :(
but no matter what, we still need to checked out Han River. so, we back to National Assembly Station we just need to go to the next station which is Yeouido Station exit 1 and crossed the street, we saw the famous Han River Park.

the park was so crowded. i reckon because it was Sunday and it was warmer than the day before.

but something bad happened.
my friend need to went to the bathroom but she required the wet bathroom which were in our room. so, from Yeouido station we took train to Dangsan and transferred to line 2 and got off at Hongik University Station.
and as for my other friend, after the service ended she went by herself to BoA Travel House :)

after that we ate our lunch at BoA Restaurant. we ordered dakgalbi with half chicken but even though it was half but still it was too much for the three of us.

after lunch we headed to Myeongdong, the heaven for beauty lovers like we are.
from Hongik University Station we took train on the Airport Railroad line to Seoul Station, from Seoul Station we transit to line 4 and took train to Myeongdong Station and took exit 1.

as soon as we got out from the subway, we greeted by the giant building of Nature Republic on our left side. with no hesitation, we entered that building and we got carried away, all the way until we found Line Friends Store and we gave up at 9 p.m because our feet was hurting and we were quite thirsty and hungry. so we stopped at a cafe to straighten our feet.

and it was 10 p.m by the time we were back at our room. we washed up and eat at the common kitchen and went to bed. it was a long day but tomorrow we got another long day because we were went to Nami Island. Yaaay!!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Seoul Diary | Day 3

Saturday, April 22nd 2017

so, today our goal was to wear hanbok to Gyeongbokgung Palace. if we were wear hanbok, we can get free entry to the palace. but in my opinion, it just the same as paid for the entry because we need to paid for the hanbok. the amount depends on which hanbok you'd choose.
Outfit: Unbranded leopard shawl; Gift gold cardigan; Colorbox grey stripes tee; Thamrin City brown pants; Wakai red shoes; Lacoste red tote bag

don't be fooled, i was very chilled that day but acting everything okay for the sake of good picture. we got up at 9 a.m and ready to explore Seoul at 10 a.m, so as usual we went to subway station.  from Hongik University Station (airport railroad line) we stopped at Gongdeok and transferred to Line 5 to Gwanghwamun Station exit 2.

as soon as we arrived on the ground, we saw the great entrance to Gyeongbokgung Palace. it was very majestic to me. we saw the olden days and modern days collide. before we entering the palace, we were in the quest to find hanbok rental.

we found one. from the palace main entrance, walk straight and turn right on the t-junction and we found a hanbok rental on the 2nd floor of the 2nd building we saw after we crossed.
it was very crowded and we met other fellow Indonesian here but they was from Batam. it was felt like met a sister when we saw fellow Indonesian in foreign country.

we chose hanbok as we pleased, when we were done we looked for the cashier and he calculated how much we should paid but before that we need to how many hours we want to rent the hanbok, either for 2 hours or 4 hours. and we were set to explore Gyeongbokgung Palace in hanbok :)

Gyeongbokgung is the most beautiful and grandest of five palaces in Seoul.
at the time we were arrived, there were a palace guard changing ceremony. and it was beautiful.
if you walked straight from the hanbok rental shop, you'll find Cheongwadae or Blue House (executive office and official residence of South Korea President). we were too exhausted to walk another minutes to Chongwadae :)

walking around Gyeongbokgung palace for two hours made us really tired and we went back to the hanbok rental place to return the hanbok and we were looked for restaurant to feed us lunch.
not far from the hanbok rental shop, we found a Japanese restaurant.
it was a small restaurant but served really delicious meal.

from the Gyeongbokgung Palace, just cross the street in front of the main gate, we were found the King Sejong statue. that location called Gwanghwamun Square,
right on this day was Earth Day, so on the location there were many people celebrated Earth Day. walked down further more, we found Admiral Yi Sun-Shin statue surrounded by fountain.
we failed to took picture here, since there were many many people gather here :(

and there are more people as we walked towards Cheonggyecheon Stream.
it was Saturday and it was campaign day for their presidential election. there are way too many polices (in good looking faces) around the square and near to the stream.

to make it to the stream, we were walked down to the end of Gwanghwamun Square and crossed the street straight and when we were saw snail's house-shaped statue, turn left and we were saw the beginning of the stream.
the stream is almost 11 kilometers long and there is a coin-throw spot to people make a wish.

at this point, i thought the temperature was dropped to 9 degree Celsius and the wind was so strong because believe me, i was almost frozen to death whereas underneath my long sleeve tee, i was wear another long sleeve tee and under my pants, i was wear 2 layers of legging :)

therefore we decided to went back to our room.
from Cheonggyecheon Stream, we walked for 2 minutes and found City Hall Subway station.
we took City Hall line 2 to Hongik University Station. it was on the same line, so we don't need to off the train and transferred to another train.

at night, before we went to the common kitchen, we took time to the cafe right at the corner of BoA Travel House neighborhood, its called Cafeeine. it was a quite cafe, great atmosphere and friendly waitresses even though they didn't speak English but somehow they got our order right.
and after a good coffee we were headed to GS25 (Indomart or Alfamart in Korean version) to bought instant rice so we can eat at the common kitchen with our dishes in cans :)

so, that is for our 3rd day in Seoul. anticipate for day 4, will you?

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Seoul Diary | Day 2

Friday, April 21st 2017

our first stop was Changdokgung Palace.
from Hongik University Station (line 2), we were transit at Euljiro Sam-ga and change to line 3, stop at Anguk station exit 3.
outfit: Unbranded fuchsia square; C3 black basic tee; Gift red jacket; Unbranded aztec skirt; Wakai shoes

not far from exit 3, there was a hanbok rental shop but we didn't notice it, so we didn't enter the palace in hanbok. but you can either use hanbok for free entry to any palaces or paid the entry fee for 3.000 won each person.

inside the Changdokgung, there are secret garden that we can't enter on our own, we must to enter secret garden with a guide. you can choose 4 languages guide (English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese)  but there were time for each guide.
originally, we want wait for English guide time but the lady on the ticket booth said that we can enter now to tag along with the Chinese guide, so we tag along the Chinese guide but we were hanging around alone.
for enter the Secret Garden, you need to pay 5.000 won.

next stop, we headed to Bukchon Hanok Village.
from Changdokgung, we headed back to the Anguk Station but this time we exit from exit 2, walk straight about 5 minutes and we found Bukchon area.
but before we explored the Bukchon Hanok Village, we were in the quest for Samgyetang.
the area we walked in, we found two Samgyetang restaurant but we chose the one near the main street.

Samgyetang is Korean ginseng chicken stuffed with rice inside. when they gave us the samgyetang, they also gave us 3 types of banchan (side dish) which were garlic kimchi, cabbage kimchi and radish kimchi.
the funny thing when we ordered these are we used Konglish (Korean English). hahaha. thank god, i've learn Korean for a bit, so i understand what the waitress said but i can't answered her in Korean, so i used English instead :)

finally, we were ready to enter the Bukchon Hanok Village.
there was a traditional perfume store, called Grand Hand but i didn't get anything because i was too distracted and confused to chose anything.
not far from the Grand Hand store, we found a bunch of Hanok (Korean traditional house). this is private accommodation, so we need to keep quite while exploring this neighborhood.

walk around Bukchon, we arrieved in Samchongdong but to be honest, we were wanna go to Insadong because Insadong are the place where we can find anything traditional, even Starbucks in Insadong writes in hangul, Korean alphabet.
so, from Samchongdong, we looked for an information center. this kind of center you can find in any tourist attraction in Seoul and they were 2 people in red shirt with initial I on the back. they said, from Samchongdong to Insadong, was around 10 minutes by walking

all the way from Samchongdong to Insadong, we were found many beautiful flowers on the street. the most i loved was daisy and tulips. yes, we found tulips in Seoul.
at Insadong, we were found a tenant that can speak Bahasa, so it was made us easy to bargain the price.

that was our 2nd day in Seoul. we never want to stay out late because the subway closed at 10 p.m everyday.